Topeka Zoo

Exhibit: Penguin Plunge May 2012

A cool new exhibit officially opened at the Topeka Zoo Thursday.

Students from North Fairview Elementary joined officials in cutting the ribbon on the Penguin Plunge. The kids earned the honor and a special tour by collecting the most pennies to support the birds’ visit.

The six African penguins in the exhibit curiously checked out their steady stream of visitors and even entertained with a few “plunges” into the water.

One second grader called it “really cool,” with his favorite part being when the penguins took a swim.

Topeka Zoo Director Brendan Wiley says he’s especially proud of the educational aspects of the exhibit. He says it shows that, even in Topeka, people can make a difference for wildlife.

Wiley also said the exhibit wouldn’t have been possible without the many business and community partners.

The penguins are on loan from the Omaha Zoo. They’ll be in Topeka through September.

Click here to read article and view video courtesy of Topeka’s Zoo Director Brenden Wiley

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