Future of Frogs!

Temporary Exhibit

Animal Conservation Unlimited’s Future of Frogs teaches and inspires your guests about one of the greatest and most urgent conservation undertakings ever; the preservation of frogs and amphibians. Why do frogs matter? What most people don’t recognize is that frogs are an important part of a healthy environment. They control pest insect populations that damage agriculture and spread diseases. These amazing creatures are sentinel animals and are among the first species to be impacted by contaminants in the environment.

“One half to one third of all amphibian species are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, climate change, pollution and pesticides, introduced species, wild animal collection and most urgently, a parasitic fungus called amphibian chytrid, a deadly disease that is rapidly eradicating amphibian species throughout the planet. This represents the greatest species conservation challenge in our history.”

The Results

Oregon Zoo’s highest attendance ever!

Oregon Zoo

Record 21% increase in paid attendance


Building for Kids, Wisconsin

           14% increase in paid attendance


Lake Superior Zoo, Minnesota

Featured attraction as part of their
“Secret of Survival” exhibit.


Mote Aquarium, Sarasota, FL

Exhibit Specifications

  • 900 square feet of climate controlled (72° – 76°) indoor space
  • Minimum ceiling height 8 feet
  • One set of doors of standard height and a minimum width of 60”
  • Dry storage space from 16 crates of various size
  • White’s Tree Frog Exhibit: Octagonal shape 48” X 48” X 72” tall
  • Fire Belly Toad Exhibit: Rectangular shape 36” long X 24” X 72” tall
  • Poison Dart Exhibit: Rectangular shape 48” long X 24” wide X 50” tall
  • Vietnamese Mossy Frog Exhibit: Rectangular shape 36” long X 24” wide X 72” tall
  • American Bull Frog Exhibit: 36” long X 24” wide X 72” tall
  • Backyard Chorus Kiosk: 50” wide X 36” tall
  • Future of Frogs Touch Screen Kiosk: 50” wide X 36” tall
  • What Do Frogs Eat? Puzzle Table: 72” long X 40” wide X 36” tall
  • Fiberglass Bull Frog: 84” long X 60” wide X 60” tall
  • 8- 15 AMP circuits
  • Automatic backup power supply
  • Potable fresh water source
  • Sanitary drain access
  • Electrical (see requirements)

What Animal Conservation Unlimited Provides:

  • Five (5) Self-contained frog habitats with Life Support Systems
  • Five (5) species of frogs
  • Complete set of museum-quality graphics (See graphics details below)
  • Five (5) Non-Living interactive displays: Backyard Chorus Kiosk (features 7 frog vocalizations), Future of Frogs Touch Screen Kiosk (highlights several frog conservation issues presented by researchers), What Do Frogs Eat? Puzzle Table, Jump Like A Frog mat, and Giant Fiberglass Bull Frog
  • Two (2) portable water containers
  • Complete Operations Manual
  • 24/7 support

What You Provide:

  • Two (2) staff to provide care for the animals and maintain habitat
  • Forklift and driver to load and unload truck
  • Crickets and fruit flies for frogs
  • Vitamins
  • Miscellaneous husbandry and cleaning support items
  • Utilities (see above)
  • Marketing


Graphic Components:

All graphics contain museum quality images.

  • A species graphic for each exhibit denoting the animal’s natural habitat, biological information, natural history and some fun facts. (5 separate graphics)
  • The State of things: a graphic that documents what’s happening to wild amphibians and why their numbers are decreasing so rapidly.
  • Information about what conservation organizations around the world are doing to conserve these animals from extinction.
  • Information on the importance of amphibians to the natural world.
  • Five graphics highlighting a cool fact about frogs.