Potawatomi Zoo

Exhibit:  Alligator

The Potawatomi Zoo welcomed the white rare alligator in 2009

The Potawatomi Zoo has many animals from all over the world, but their collection has recently become even more diverse.

This summer, they have a new resident: Opal is a five-year-old albino alligator, an extremely rare find in zoos.

Less than 50 are in captivity across the country.

They are nonexistent in the wild because their lack of dark pigment makes it hard to hide from predators. And, just like some humans, they can get sunburned quite badly.

“There are several reasons why she’s here: educational, to bring people into the zoo to see something new, and she’s just very cool to look at. You just don’t often see this,”

says Marcy Dean, the society director of the Potawatomi Zoo.

It’s an exciting opportunity for people in Michiana to see the unique animal.

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