What We Do

Animal Conservation Unlimited (ACU) was created to provide zoos, aquariums and museums the ultimate in guest experiences. ACU offers some of the most unique, engaging and affordable traveling exhibits available

Who We Are

Animal Conservation Unlimited is owned and operated by William Harshaw and Greg Dye, who have each been working in the professional zoological community for more than 30 years. While a for profit company, Animal Conservation Unlimited was created as a vehicle for change. Animal Conservation Unlimited’s exhibits increase the public’s awareness about ongoing threats to the natural world and some of its most beloved and feared inhabitants. Most importantly, the exhibits and the experience they provide are designed to inspire and invigorate the public’s engagement in activities that help to protect the natural world.

About our Programs
Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say!

“The Sacramento Zoo opened ACU’s traveling exhibit, Penguin Plunge, in April of this year and we are enjoying our best attendance in the past decade.”
– Mary Healy, Director Sacramento Zoo

Who Are Our Clients?